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Portable Barcode Scanner - Intelliscanner

Portable Barcode Scanner

Portable barcode scanner

Intelliscanner portable barcode scanner allow you to track anything that contain barcode at your home. Intelliscanner portable barcode scanner can store up to 250 data. When the storage is full, you can download all the data from portable barcode scanner via PC and store them in you PC. Intelliscanner portable barcode scanner's ultra portable design make it easy to scan anything from anywhere. The size is very small and easy to carry and put in your pocket. It is the smallest portable barcode scanner in market.

Software provided with this portable barcode scanner help you to keep track your belongings. This intelligent software help you organize your collection and belongings that contain barcode scanned by Intelliscanner portable barcode scanner. After scanning the product, this portable barcode scanner will automatically download the product's details and informations.

Intelliscanner portable barcode scanner specifications:
* Smart, portable barcode scanner organizes your home
* Included home organization software package
* Built-in rechargeable battery, so you can scan anywhere
* Included neck lanyard with detachable clip
* Integrated scan and delete buttons
* Works just like a digital camera - scan items anywhere, then plug it in via USB to download
* Direct cable USB connectivity
* Built-in memory chip stores the items you scan
* Integrated Class 2 laser barcode scanning engine
* RoHS compliant
* USB 1.1/2.0 compatible
* IntelliScanner custom metal cube packaging

System Requirements:
* Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
* MAC OS x 10.4 or later
* USB port for downloading and charging
* Internet connection

Portable barcode scanner
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